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Rexton IT Solutions PHP training institute provides online training and classroom Training. You can learn PHP training online and PHP training Course Offline. PHP training institute in Noida give you a better career and growth. Rexton PHP training institute provides good lab setup for PHP Training course. There are numerous PHP training certification and online training courses available to help you prepare for the PHP training exam. PHP training online course is created to help you pass the PHP training exam. While attaining PHP training certification confirms that you have the necessary training, expertise, knowledge, and devotion. PHP training course online is very easy. We are providing PHP course online if you wants a good career in PHP. In PHP training Institute in Noida, you will work in the live programs which are the same as the real industry. Our PHP training class online is Instructor Led Training and Rexton is a best PHP training institute Noida. PHP training institute provides 100% job if you lean PHP training course.

Exam Recommended Training
PHP PHP - MYSQL Certification Training_1

    •    How PHP works with the Web Server
    •    Hardware and Software requirements
    •    What a PHP script looks like
    •    Saving data for later
    •    Receiving user input
    •    Repeating code

    Basic PHP Development
    •    How PHP scripts work
    •    Basic PHP syntax
    •    PHP data types
    •    Displaying type information
    •    Testing for a specific data type
    •    Changing type with Set type
    •    Operators
    •    Variable manipulation
    •    Dynamic variables
    •    String in PHP

    Control Structures
    •    The if statement
    •    Using the else clause with if statement
    •    The switch statement
    •    Using the ? operator
    •    The while statement
    •    *The do while statement
    •    The for statement
    •    Breaking out of loops
    •    Nesting loops
    •    Summary

    •    What a function
    •    Defining a function
    •    Returning value from function
    •    User-defined functions
    •    Dynamic function calls
    •    Variable scope
    •    Accessing variable with the global statement
    •    Function calls with the static statement
    •    Setting default values for arguments
    •    Passing arguments to a function by value
    •    Passing arguments to a function by reference
    •    Testing for function existence

    •    Single-Dimensional Arrays
    •    Multidimensional Arrays
    •    Casting Arrays
    •    Associative arrays
    •    Accessing arrays
    •    Getting the size of an array
    •    Looping through an array
    •    Looping through an associative array
    •    Examining arrays
    •    Joining arrays
    •    Sorting arrays
    •    Sorting an associative arrays

    Working With The File System
    •    Creating and deleting a file
    •    Reading and writing text files
    •    Working with directories in PHP
    •    Checking for existence of file
    •    Determining file size
    •    Opening a file for writing, reading, or appending
    •    Writing Data to the file
    •    Reading characters

    Working With Forms
    •    Forms
    •    Super global variables
    •    The server array
    •    A script to acquire user input
    •    Importing user input
    •    Accessing user input
    •    Combine HTML and PHP code
    •    Using hidden fields
    •    Redirecting the user
    •    File upload and scripts

    Working With Regular Expressions
    •    The basic regular expressions
    •    PCRE
    •    Matching patterns
    •    Finding matches
    •    Replace patterns
    •    Modifiers
    •    Breakup Strings

    Classes and Objects
    •    Objects oriented programming
    •    Define a class
    •    An Object
    •    Creating an object
    •    Object properties
    •    Object methods
    •    Object constructors and destructors
    •    Class constants
    •    Class inheritance
    •    Abstract classes and methods
    •    Object serialization
    •    Checking for class and method existence
    •    Exceptions
    •    Iterators
    •    Summary

    Introduction to Database
    •    Introduction to SQL
    •    Connecting to the MYSQL
    •    Selecting a database
    •    Finding out about errors
    •    Adding data to a table
    •    Acquiring the value
    •    Finding the number of rows
    •    Inserting data
    •    Entering and updating data
    •    Executing multiple queries

    •    What is session?
    •    Starting a session
    •    Working with session variables
    •    Destroying session
    •    Passing session Ids
    •    Encoding and decoding session variables

    AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
    •    Introduction to AJAX
    •    Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object

    •    Ajax
    •    Introduction to AJAX
    •    Understanding XMLHTTPREQUEST object
    •    Working with Ajax functions
    •    Integrating AJAX with HTML
    •    Integrating AJAX with PHP
    •    MINI TASK? Fetching data from database using Ajax

    •    Introduction to Payment Gateways
    •    How to integrate Payment Gateway with PHP application
    •    MINI TASK? Integrating Dummy Payment Gateway

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