How to pass the CCNA certification exam?

How to pass the CCNA certification exam?

The CCNA or Cisco certified network associate certification is one of the top IT security certifications. In the field of IT networking, this associate-level certification helps in boosting one's profession with better job options and high pay. With CCNA certification, an individual can prove their capability of configuring, operating, and troubleshooting switched and routed networks. However, if you are looking to clear your CCNA certification exam in one attempt. Then you need to attend CCNA training in Noida.

Through CCNA training, you can be able to get complete knowledge and understanding of this certification. Under training, you will also get taught about the basic and advanced concepts of IT networking and CCNA. As soon as your certification exam is coming closer, you should know various tips and tricks to prepare for it thoroughly.


This article highlights the same. You will get to know various tips to pass your CCNA certification exam.

Tips to Pass the CCNA certification exam

  1. Get practical experience

If you want to pass the CCNA certification exam, then you need to get both theoretical and practical training. When you are preparing for the exam, you should use your theoretical knowledge in the real world for troubleshooting and networking issues. This way you can easily come to know about the concept of CCNA and can quickly implement it in your certification exam.

  1. Obtain the proper study material

As you are preparing for the CCNA certification, you should collect all the study materials. Out of other study material, you should gather the CCNA books owned and provided by the CISCO itself. Also, you should be able to collect all the lab equipment and supplies to prepare well for the CCNA exam. But first, start learning about binary mathematics because you can practice it during your sleep as well.

  1. Schedule practice tests

CCNA training provides practice tests series that you can use to prepare for your exam. Before exams are coming close, you should schedule your practice tests to get to know how much you have prepared for the exam so far. Also, you can be able to discover various areas where you are lacking behind and needs improvement.

  1. Refresh your knowledge right before the exam

Before the exam date, you need to refresh your CCNA knowledge as well. You should read your books and notes once again to refresh your knowledge and memories. A couple of days left before your exam should be utilized only in the knowledge refreshment. You can surf the internet to know the previous year’s questions and answers that came in the CCNA exam.

Take a breather 

When you are left with two or three days before the exam, you should use it as a relaxing time. Because this way you can get the fresh mood to give the CCNA exam. You can relax by hanging out with your friend or by doing normal walking.

These are some of the study tips that you should follow after attending the CCNA training institute in Noida. Try to gain more knowledge about this certification exam.