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Best Red Hat Openstack Training Institute in Noida & Delhi

Making career not only means making money, it is all about how you pursue the essence of your life. Rexton IT Solutions is a place where we focus on making the career of thousands of students who are seeing their future in IT industries. We bring REDHAT OpenStack certification course to all of you so that you can step towards your success. This course is generally a combination of open source tools that make use of pooled virtual resources. It is needed to manage and build all kinds of public and private clouds. This is a great course if someone wants to learn how to handle the core cloud-computing services.

The OpenStack works by making use of application programming interfaces (APIs) so as to abstract the virtual resources. Equipped with the updated infrastructure we are available to our clients 24*7 and practice the cut-throat tactics to help you in getting a reputable job. Our aspirant who is skilled and completed the certification course can get the 100% job assurance. Working with top-notch companies and making the career of more than thousands of students, we have become the best training providers in Noida.

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course content

Red Hat Certified System Administrator-Red Hat OpenStack-EX-210

Module 1- Understanding Cloud and OpenStack
  • Basics of virtualization
  • Relationship: Virtualization & cloud
  • Introduction to cloud and cloud models
  • Introduction to OpenStack
  • OpenStack ecology and OpenStack services
  • Preparing your environment for lab sessions
Module 2- Keystone (OpenStack authentication system)
  • OpenStack Identity
  • Users
  • Credentials
  • Tokens
  • Identity Management
  • Service Catalog
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Keystone Internal Architecture
  • Token Validation – API
  • Setting up Keystone as a part of the Controller node
Module 3- Nova (OpenStack Compute Service)
  • OpenStack Compute Service Architecture
  • Nova internals
  • KVM based Architecture
  • Instances, Images and Nova-Network usage
  • Setting up the Nova node.
Module 4- Cinder (OpenStack Block Service)
  • A deep dive into OpenStack
  • Cinder Internals
  • Cinder backend
  • Industry implementations
  • Installation of Cinder
  • Manage\troubleshoot Cinder
Module 5- Glance (OpenStack Image Service)
  • OpenStack Glance Architecture
  • Glance internals
  • Image conversions to qcow2
  • Installation of Glance
  • Best practices on Glance store backend
  • Image uploads and downloads
Module 6- Neutron (OpenStack Neutron Service)
  • Deep-dive on the OpenStack Neutron Architecture
  • ML2
  • ML3 plugins
  • Installation of Neutron
  • Network creation
  • Bridging
  • Router creation
  • Core Neutron plugins and network configuration
Module 7- Horizon (OpenStack Dashboard Service)
  • Introduction to Horizon
  • Installation of Horizon
  • Django
  • GUI walkthrough
Module 8- Heat (OpenStack Orchestration Service)
  • Deep-dive on OpenStack Heat Architecture Heat agents
  • Write Heat templates
  • Installation of Heat service
  • Integrate heat templates to automate instance launches
Module 9- Ceilometer (OpenStack Billing Service)
  • A deep-dive into OpenStack Ceilometer
  • Data polling
  • Retrieval and setting up alarms Installation of Ceilometer
  • Integrate Heat + Ceilometer for automation of instance\networks\storage launches
  • Create Meters
Module 10- Trove (OpenStack Database as a service)
  • An OpenStack Trove architectural deep-dive Installation of Trove
  • Launching database from CLI or the dashboard
Module 11- Swift (OpenStack’s Object Storage)
  • Installation of Swift
  • Swift rings
  • Image locations
  • Component based uploads
  • Replication
  • Account Reaping
  • Ring-building
  • Integrate Swift with Glance to use as an image store
Module 12- Installation and troubleshooting
  • Environment Setup
  • Building a controller node
  • Building a network node
  • Building a compute node
  • Adding additional compute nodes to the existing OpenStack implementation
Module 13- OpenStack Operators Guide
  • Real-time problem resolutions
  • Real-time operations of OpenStack environment
  • Bug/Issue tracking
  • Troubleshooting scenarios and resolutions

Module 14- Central Logging
Installation of ELK STACK
Configuration of ELK Stack for OpenStack
Rotation of logs


REDHAT OpenStack certification course is an intelligently designed certification program that is designed while giving importance to the latest technology. The program is a well-balanced course which involves the method to make the aspirants learn about the Open Stack technique. By doing this course one can get the deep understanding of the basic concepts and allow the learner to get the proper knowledge. Our well-designed labs integrated with advanced equipment are open for the students who want to have hands-on experience in the theoretical learning. On completion of the course, Rexton IT Solutions ensure you get the job if you have that skill to serve the IT industries.
It's a golden opportunity to all those who really see their future in IT sector.

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I came to learn Linux Open-stack, I learnt a lot of live practical and learnt a lot good lectures from trainers. REXTON Trainers have a vast knowledge and knows how to train students, I highly recommend REXTON to others for all the Linux related trainings.

Atul Tiwari [15 Jan 2017]

I Came to REXTON IT Noida for "RHCE" course. Instructors at Rexton IT are very knowledgeable in the subject and they are able to explain it with real time example scenarios. Rexton IT solutions have really sharpened my skills in the IT world. I would highly recommend Rexton for anyone who would like to take REDHAT courses in Noida. Very thankful to all Rexton trainers and staff.

Ravi [14 Jan 2017]



At Rexton IT Solutions, you will experience an elevated learning experience no matter if you are a student or professional who want to add a milestone to their profession.

  • Our team is well-known for the fact going in the industries and teaches the students likewise.
  • The labs are equipped with the latest required equipment.
  • You get the skills to crack any interview and create the path to your success.
  • We are available for our candidates and provide them the constant support throughout the course.
  • The study materials are designed as per the standards to make the students learn better about the course.