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Linux Training : HA Cluster

CCNA Routing And Switching
Best Red Hat HA Cluster Training Institute in Noida & Red Hat HA Cluster Training in Noida

Since the establishment, Rexton It Solutions is putting all its efforts to make the career of students in the IT sector. We are providing the platform for them to opt for different computer programming language course and learn the advancement in the IT field. The REDHAT HA Cluster course is offered by us to give hands-on practice on the management of storage to the candidates. Basically, it is a shared storage technology used for enabling the users to share the data in a single system. It results in preventing the server failure and offers the best storage solutions. The clusters nowadays are meeting the requirements of the IT industries and when supported by the Red Hat it results in a great result. Those who do this course are able to manage all the services, troubleshoot the common cluster issues and work using the shared storage.

At Rexton IT Solutions, our trainers put their efforts into teaching the students and make them updated with the new developments happening in the IT sectors. For all the hard-working students, we assure the placement in the top MNCs companies to make their career.

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Created for senior Linux system administrators, this 40 hours course strongly emphasizes lab-based activities. Candidate will learn how to deploy and manage shared storage and server clusters that provide highly available network services to a mission-critical enterprise environment.

Course Content

Red Hat Enterprise High Availability Clustering [RH437]
  • Clusters and storage
Get an overview of storage and cluster technologies.
  • Create high-availability clusters.
Review and create the architecture of Pacemaker-based high-availability clusters.
  • Nodes and quorum
Review cluster node membership and how quorum is used to control clusters.
  • Fencing
Understand fencing and fencing configuration.
  • Resource groups
Create and configure simple resource groups to provide high-availability services to clients.
  • Troubleshoot high-availability clusters
Identify and troubleshoot cluster problems.
  • Complex resource groups
Control complex resource groups by using constraints.
  • Two-node clusters
Identify and work around two-node clusters issues.
  • ISCSI initiators
Manage iSCSI initiators for access to shared storage.
  • Multipath Storage
Configure redundant storage access.
  • Logical volume manager (LVM) clusters
Manage clustered LV.
  • Global File System 2
Create symmetric shared file systems.
  • Eliminate single points of failure
Eliminate single points of failure to increase service availability.
  • Comprehensive review
Set up high-availability services and storage.


REDHAT HA Cluster is the newest approach towards developing the IT scope. Rexton IT Solutions play an important role in offering different courses related to the computer programming language. At our training center, our trainers are capable of teaching every thick and thin of this course to make them know about it in detail. The advantages of this course are limitless and great for those who are planning to get a secured job in the MNCs companies. The training will helps the candidate to get an upper hand on the REDHAT HA Cluster programming and easily troubleshoot all the problems. On getting the proper knowledge and training, you are ready to serve the IT industries. We welcome all the enthusiastic students to be the part of our family.


I came to learn Linux Open-stack, I learnt a lot of live practical and learnt a lot good lectures from trainers. REXTON Trainers have a vast knowledge and knows how to train students, I highly recommend REXTON to others for all the Linux related trainings.

Atul Tiwari [15 Jan 2017]

I Came to REXTON IT Noida for "RHCE" course. Instructors at Rexton IT are very knowledgeable in the subject and they are able to explain it with real time example scenarios. Rexton IT solutions have really sharpened my skills in the IT world. I would highly recommend Rexton for anyone who would like to take REDHAT courses in Noida. Very thankful to all Rexton trainers and staff.

Ravi [14 Jan 2017]



Rexton IT Solutions is the best training provider, situated in Noida. Analyzing the demand for today's competitive career, we prepare the students using the best resources that are proven to be beneficial for their career.
  • The certification course is beneficial for the students to manage all the tasks.
  • We provide hands-on experience to the students that they learn verbally.
  • Prepare you to stand tall with confidence and get a secure place in the IT Company.
  • The gained knowledge is helpful for you to identify the problems and offer the required solutions.
  • Offer the student-friendly environment so that they can enjoy while learning.
  • The faculty is highly expert and knows very well about the IT sector.