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F5 -BIG - IP : LTM Training

CCNA Routing And Switching
Rexton IT Solutions is the leading organization presenting best F5 Load balancer training to meet the specifications of the clients.  

Load balancing is a vital element of any network that is required to maintain high availability. The maintaining of the availability of the network is done while elegantly handling sudden spikes in traffic. The load balancers prevent the web, application, and database servers from becoming overloaded at the time of a sudden increase in traffic. The balancers distribute the traffic evenly across servers to prevent it from being loaded. In the situation of the web failure, the load balancers will divert any traffic away from that server and this will maintain the availability of the website and applications. The unique "predictive" algorithm is used and the traffic is routed to the most efficient server.

Using intelligent keepalives, all servers in the pool can be monitored effectively. In the event that a server or the application on the server fails, requests are automatically and seamlessly forwarded to other servers and the network availability of the network is maintained. F5 Networks will certainly provide the solutions that will make applications very secure, quick, and available for everyone, helping to radically progressing effectiveness and allow organizations to get the most out of their IT investment. At REXTON IT SOLUTIONS, you can get the job satisfaction as assist you in getting the secured job in different MNCs totally based on your skills.

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Course Content

BIG-IP LTM Local Traffic Manager

  • Introducing Local Traffic Management
  • Configuring Virtual Servers
  • Configuring Nodes
  • Configuring Load Balancing Pools
  • Understanding Profiles
  • Managing HTTP and FTP Traffic
  • Managing Application-Layer Traffic
  • Enabling Session Persistence
  • Managing Protocol Profiles
  • Managing SSL Certificates for Local Traffic
  • Managing SSL Traffic
  • Using Additional Profiles
  • Configuring Monitors
  • Configuring NATs
  • Configuring SNATs
  • Configuring Traffic Classes
  • Writing iRules
  • Health and Performance Monitors
  • Configuring Dynamic Ratio Load Balancing


F5 Load Balancer Training gives you the best comprehension of the Balancer system as well as an in-depth understanding of advanced features. REXTON IT SOLUTIONS is known for providing world-class hands-on training from expert instructors. We cover each technology lab with the in-depth explanation of concepts and configurations. This course is essential for engineers who are into Network Data or Security. After getting the training, students are expected to grow professionally much faster than their peers. Training center of REXTON IT SOLUTIONS has international expert trainers and they have excellent knowledge.  F5 Load Balancer Training will help students to learn how to improve the performance and availability of network by directing users to other servers so that the availability of the network is maintained seamlessly.

Course Track

Regular Track Fast Track Super Fast Track
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Who doesn’t like to make his or her future bright? Rexton IT Solutions is giving you a chance to be a part of us and gain the knowledge of Palo Alto Training to get success in professional life.

    • The sudden spikes in traffic is common these days and it is better to handle the F5 Load Balancer Training
    • The availability of the network is ensured by the expert if he has undergone the F5 Load Balancer Training.
    • When traffic is overloading, divert it from that server to another server. This distributes the burden and maintains the availability of the network.
    • When the traffic is managed, this helps in improving efficiency and allowing organizations to get the most out of their IT investment