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Check Point : MSDM/VSX

CCNA Routing And Switching
Prominent checkpoint Training in Noida - Best MSDM/VSX Training Institute in Noida

REXTON IT Solutions best training institute in Noida and Delhi NCR provides best the CheckPointMSDM/VSX training. We are equipped with the innovative and advanced MSDM/VSM training programs that endow the learner to determine about how to install, design, build and administer Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension. In brief, this training course will cover the key concepts and capabilities for an appropriate configuration of the Multi Domain management with check point VSX R77.


REXTON as the best training provider in Noida has excellent and advanced training programs that will give you better performance & hands on experience. We have equipped lab that provides support and help to users 24/7. All the Checkpoint multi-domain security management programs are assembled under the veteran industrial professionals. 


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CCMSE MDSM with VSX [Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension]


Module-1 Multi-Domain Security Management Deployment

  • Identify the features and functions of MDSM with VSX
  • Describe the MDSM with VSX architecture
  • Choose the correct MDSM implementation to cover your company’s domains
  • Classify the various pieces of the MDSM architecture
  • Install MDSM
  • Configure the MDSM environment
  • Install and configure the Smart Domain Manager
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Multi-Domain Server
  • Configure and implement a Multi-Domain Log Server for the MDSM environment
  • Configure and implement a domain Log Server for a given domain
  • Benefits of Multi-Domain Security Management
  • Remote Security Gateway
  • Implement any necessary Management plug-ins
  • Use the correct tools to troubleshoot and solve any issues
  • Enabling IPv6 Support

Module-2 Multi-Domain Security Management Installation and Configuration

  • Log Management
  • Domain Log Module
  • Multi-Domain Log Module System
  • Monitoring

Module-3 Multi-Domain Security Management Advanced Features

  • Configure and implement a Global Policy
  • Global IPS
  • Configure and implement VPNs globally and per domain
  • Migrating Existing Security Management Servers into Multi-Domain Security
  • Create a secondary MDS Manager and enable MDS High Availability
  • Create and configure secondary DMS
  • Configure DMS High Availability based on a domain’s requirements
  • Backing Up a Domain Management Server
  • Restoring the High Availability Deployment


Module-4 Virtual System Extension Deployment

  • VSX Overview
  • Identify the VSX components
  • Describe the purpose of the Virtual System within the VSX environment
  • Demonstrate how to transition physical firewalls to a VSX environment
  • Managing the VSX Gateway

Module-5 IP Address Allocation for VSX Implementation

  • VSX Packet Flow and Routing
  • VSX Management
  • Software Licensing

Module-6 VSX Gateway Installation and Configuration

  • VSX Gateway’s Virtual Topology
  • Virtual Systems
  • System Virtualization
  • Advanced Routing Configurations
  • VLAN Technology and Trunking

Module-7 VSX Advanced Features

  • Describe the difference between standard Physical Security Gateway Clusters and
  • VSX Gateway Clusters
  • VSX Gateway High Availability
  • VSX State Synchronization
  • Virtual System Load Sharing (VSLS)
  • Virtual System in Bridge Mode
  • Describe common troubleshooting practices


The Check Point's Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension (MSDM/VSX) is a course that ensures the participants in-depth knowledge of the Multi-Domain Security Management. In others words, this MSDM/VSX training course will equip the participant with the key concepts and skills required to configure and utilize Multi-Domain Security Management. Moreover, the participants will able to build security policies for multiple remote firewalls with the assist of the Check Point Multi-Domain GUI. How to manage multitude firewall-secured environments, how to perform advanced configuration tasks including configuring redundant VSX Gateways for High Availability functions, etc. will be the part of this training. In brief, the MSDM/VSX training course will endow the participant to learn how to install and configure multi-domain management, implement a global policy, and transition physical firewalls to a virtualized environment.




Rexton IT Solutions ensures you get the world-class learning experience through the innovative training courses. You can grab this course whether you are a student or professional or any other corporate company.Upon the completion of the Check Point's Multi-Domain Security Management training program, the following  benefits will be experienced:
  • You will be able to set up and manage the Multi-Domain Security Management
  • You will be able to execute a Global Policy
  • You will manage to switch a security management server to a domain management server
  • You will execute regular troubleshooting best practices and back up a Domain Management Server
  • You will assemble the multiple firewalls onto a single management platform
  • You will able to use the migration tools to quickly migrate existing configurations
  • You will transit physical firewalls to a virtualized environment
  • You will manage VSX Gateway High Availability and VSX State Synchronization