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Get the Best Training on Automation from Rexton IT Solutions

Rexton IT Solutions have been rendering quality training in various technical fields over the years. Today, they are recognized to as one of the best on Northern India. Are you looking for training on Automation from one of the leading experts in the industry? In that case would be the perfect option for you. Today, Rexton IT Solutions is regarded as one of the best automation training institutes in Noida, They offer a stimulating and well-disposed study environment which is aimed towards developing professional and technical skills among the students. They have tea, of highly qualified trainers whose primary aim is to impart quality training in the students. 


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RPA - Automation Anywhere Training

  • Automation Anywhere overview
  • Introduction to Control room and Clients(Bot Creator & Runtime)
  • Deployment overview
  • System requirements
  • Know your Development environment
  • Smart Recorder
  • Screen Recorder
  • Web Recorder
  • Task Editor Introduction
  • Key Strokes
  • Mouse Clicks
  • Image Recognition
  • Object Cloning
  • Working with Google Chrome browser
  • Web Recorder Command
  • Loop Command
  • Error Handling Command
  • If/Else Command
  • Excel Command
  • Comment Command
  • Metabot
  • Integration of Metabot with Taskbot
  • Metabot use cases


Their Training Session

When it comes to training in Automation, the training session comprises of 7 different layers. Here they are

  • Electrical Controls and Drivers
  • Field Pneumatics and Instrumentation
  • PLC or Programmable Logic Controllers. They use some of the best brands like Siemens
  • SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • DCS or Distributed Control System
  • HMI or Human Machine Interface
  • Control Panel Designing

They will offer an in-depth training session on all these different aspects that will give you an elaborate idea on the subject





Features of their Training Session

There are a couple of features of their training module that makes them special. Here they are

  • Practical Training: They offer 100% practical training that would give you some idea on the real-life scenario
  • Interactive Sessions: Their interactive sessions makes training more enjoyable and interesting
  • Individual Attention: They make sure that every single student is being taken care of and their queries are being addressed

Today, Rexton IT Solutions is one of the best places for you when it comes to on-hand, practical training on automation. Enroll yourself for the best training you have been looking for.