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Linux Training : Shell Scripting

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Prominent Linux Bash Shell Scripting Training Institute in Noida

Rexton IT Solutions providing the best Linux Bash Shell Scripting that is software designed to be run by means of the Unix shell, a command-line interpreter. The numerous dialects of shell scripts are assumed to be scripting languages. Moreover, the typical operations done through shell scripts include program execution, printing text, and file manipulation.
In Rexton IT, Shell Scripting training comprises live projects and simulations that assisted the students to get placed in various MNC’s. The trainer and instructors of Rexton IT Solutions are subject specialist professionals ensuring in-depth shell scripting training that aid the participants to experience the plethora of job opportunities in the industry. Moreover, we recognize the best institution, ensuring the Bash Shell Scripting training in Noida and Delhi because we are equipped with the training modules for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. Whether you are a student, professional, project manager, corporate body, etc. Our veteran shell scripting trainer offers flexible training schedules for entire modules. Furthermore, we always welcome our students, offering pocket-friendly shell scripting training courses.
For ensuring shell scripting training, we are equipped with the top-notch technology labs that endow participants to fetch in-depth hands-on experience through live projects. Moreover, we have placed above than 500 registered companies and 10000+ students and professional, all are working in the reputed positions.

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Course content

Advance Bash Shell Scripting

1- Introduction to Shell

  • What is shell
  • Installation of shell
  • Shell features
  • Bash Keywords
  • Built-in Commands
  • Linux Commands
  • Specialized Navigation and History Commands
  • Shell Aliases
  • Bash Hash Table
  • The Set and Shopt Commands
  • Key binding with bind command
  • The Colon Command
  • Long and Multi-line Command

2- Script Basics

  • Writing small Script
  • How to execute a script
  • Creating a Well-Behaved Script
  • The Header
  • Global Declarations
  • Sanity Checks
  • The Main Script
  • Cleanup
  • Stopping a Script

3- Variables

  • Variable basics
  • Predefined variables
  • System variables
  • Special shell variable
  • Customizing shell prompt
  • Variable attributes
  • Arrays variable
  • local variable
  • Exporting variables
  • Use of quotations
  • Escape characters

4- Advance Bash Shell Scripting

  • The eval command
  • Reading keyboard input
  • Basic redirection and pipe
  • File descriptors

5- Expressions

  • Basic if command
  • let Features
  • File test operators
  • Arithmetic comparison operators
  • String comparison operators
  • Arithmetic comparison with double parentheses
  • Parameter substitution and expansion
  • Brackets and Extended brackets test construct
  • Curly brackets construct
  • Parentheses and double parentheses
  • Regular expression
  • Extended regular expression
  • POSIX character classes
  • Globbing options
  • Here Documents
  • Logical expressions

6- Compound Commands

  • Command Status Codes
  • if Command
  • case Command
  • while Loop
  • until Loop
  • for Loops
  • Embedded let
  • Grouping Commands

7- Debugging and Version Control

  • Shell Debugging Features
  • Shell Debugging Options
  • Version Control (CVS)
  • Watching Running Scripts
  • Timing Execution with Time
  • Creating Man Pages
  • Shell Archives
  • tee Command Switches
  • Linux Time Command Switches
  • Bash and Linux Time Command Format Codes

8- Parameters and getopts

  • Positional Parameters
  • The getopts Command
  • getopts internal variables
  • The getopt Command

9- Job Control and Signals

  • Job Control
  • Signals
  • The suspend Command
  • Traps
  • Exit Handlers
  • The killall Command
  • Being Nice
  • Process Status

10- Text File Basics

  • Working with Pathnames
  • File Truncation
  • Identifying Files
  • Creating and Deleting Files
  • Moving and Copying Files
  • More Information About Files
  • Verifying Files
  • Splitting Large Files
  • Tabs and Spaces
  • Temporary Files
  • Lock Files
  • Named Pipes
  • Process Substitution
  • Opening Files
  • Using head and tail
  • File Statistics
  • Cutting
  • Pasting
  • Columns
  • Folding
  • Joining
  • Merging

11- Text File Processing

  • Finding Lines
  • Locating Files
  • Finding Files
  • Sorting
  • Character Editing (tr)
  • Compressing Files

12- Console Scripting

  • The Linux Console
  • The Console Keyboard
  • The Console Display
  • select Menus
  • Custom Menus

13- Functions and Script Execution

  • Shell Functions
  • Local Variables
  • Recursion and Nested Functions
  • Function Attributes
  • Running Scripts
  • The Linux Execution Environment
  • The Source Command (.)
  • Switching Scripts with exec

14- Shell Security

  • The Basic Linux Security Model
  • Knowing Who You Are (id)
  • Transferring Ownership (chown/chgrp)
  • Changing Access Rights (chmod)
  • Default Access Rights (umask)
  • setuid/setgid and Scripts
  • The chroot Command
  • Resource Limits (ulimit)
  • Restricted Shells
  • Secure File Deletion

15- Sed 'Stream Editor'

  • The essential command: s for substitution
  • Substitute Flags
  • /g - Global replacement
  • /1, /2, etc. Specifying which occurrence
  • Write to a file with /w filename
  • Combining substitution flags
  • Arguments and invocation of sed
  • Multiple commands with -e command
  • sed -f scriptname
  • sed in shell script
  • A sed interpreter script
  • Addresses and Ranges of Text
  • Restricting to a line number
  • Patterns
  • Ranges by line number
  • Ranges by patterns
  • Delete with d
  • Grouping with { and }
  • Multi-Line Patterns

16- Awk Programming

  • Getting Started
  • The Structure of an A WK Program
  • Running an A WK Program
  • Computing and Printing
  • Printing Line Numbers
  • Putting Text in the Output
  • Sorting the Output
  • Selection by Text Content
  • Combinations of Patterns
  • BEGIN and END
  • Computing with A WK
  • Computing Sums and Averages
  • String Concatenation
  • Built-in Functions
  • Counting Lines, Words, and Characters
  • Control-Flow Statements
  • Expressions as Patterns
  • String-Matching, Compound and Range Patterns
  • Regular Expressions
  • The printf Statement
  • Output into Files


The shell scripting training endows the professionals to drive high power of a Linux operating system. The shell scripting is a process of assembling batch files used for automation, customization, remote task management, and enhancement of performance. In order to grab how to create and debux complex scripts to execute operations and ease out your Linus administration load, just get the training the shell scripting course.

Moreover, the shell scripts are backed by Unix and Linus OS. The shell scripting course designed by the Retox IT Solutions will highly upgrade your capabilities and potential as a Linux power user. We have professionals having working experience of Linux offering shell scripting training course in very simple manner.

Course Track

Regular Track Fast Track Super Fast Track
20 Days 10 Days 5 Days


I came to learn Linux Open-stack, I learnt a lot of live practical and learnt a lot good lectures from trainers. REXTON Trainers have a vast knowledge and knows how to train students, I highly recommend REXTON to others for all the Linux related trainings.

Atul Tiwari [15 Jan 2017]

I Came to REXTON IT Noida for "RHCE" course. Instructors at Rexton IT are very knowledgeable in the subject and they are able to explain it with real time example scenarios. Rexton IT solutions have really sharpened my skills in the IT world. I would highly recommend Rexton for anyone who would like to take REDHAT courses in Noida. Very thankful to all Rexton trainers and staff.

Ravi [14 Jan 2017]



The REXTON IT Solutions, with the assist of its veteran group will make certain you the high-level learning experience. We are always searching ahead to enhance the abilities of our participants so one can begin their career in IT fields.

  • The well-designed script shelling course delivered by means of our script shelling certified and veteran professional.
  • All the contents are designed under the supervision of the enterprise professionals.
  • We have designed classes, one for the question answer and another or the interview.
  • We have designed digital labs prepared with the up to date gadget and professional staff.
  • All the training is obtainable by using the usage of the high-level devices.
  • We are open for 24/7 in phrases of on-line Lab getting entry to, support and help.
  • We offer certification assembled through the assist of a simulator.