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Advanced Python & Django Framework

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Do you wish to gain expertise in Core Python? In that case, Rexton IT Solution would just be the perfect option for you.  We offer a comprehensive training module on Python where you will be trained on all the aspects of it.

We have some of the best faculties and one of the best infrastructures to render high-quality training. Our course has different sections where students are taught about different aspects of this programming language


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Advanced Python & Django Framework

1.  Essential basics                                                      

    List Comprehensions
    Set Comprehensions
    Dictionary Comprehensions

2.  Database Programming                                       

    Create database
    Create table
    Insert,update & delete query         
    Where Clause
    AND & OR Clause
    Order By
    Working over database using Python

3.  Sending Mail                                                           

    Introduction smtp & pop protocol
    Smtplib usage
    Email package
    Sending mail script
    Sending attachments

4.  GUI Programming using PyQt framework     

    Hello World
    Major classes
    Using QtDesigner
    Layout management
    Qdialog Class
    Drag and Drop
    Database Handling
    Introduction to WxPython, TkInter


Django Framework

1.  Introduction                                                            

    What is django..?
    MVC pattern

2.  Setting up django on windows/Linux                             

    Installing django
    Creating virtuaEnvironment
    Set up database connection
    Creating new project

3.  Django models                                                                    

    Define models
    Setting up database access
    Creating django apps
    Defining modefields
    Creating a model
    How to create tables for models in Database
    Adding ModeString Representations
    Inserting & updating Data
    Filtering Data
    Ordering Data
    Slicing Data
    Deleting Objects

4.  Django views                                                                                                                      

    About view function
    HttpRequest & HttpResponse
    How to create views..?

5   Configure Urpattern                                                         

    About URpattern
    How Django processes a request..?

6.  Templates in Django                                                         

    Define Template
    Creating Template objects
    Templates tags
    Templates filter
    Rendering of templates

7.  Django Forms                                                                     

    GET & POST methods
    Form fields in django
    Building a form in Django
    Placing form instance into the templates context

8.  Django admin interface                                                   

    Enabling admin interface
    Creating admin user

9.  Applying bootstrap in Django                                        

    Layout Components

10  How to run django project on Apache                          

    Introduction to Apache
    publish django project on apache


We have some of the best faculties and one of the best infrastructures to render high-quality training. Our course has different sections where students are taught about different aspects of this programming language




Our course curriculum includes the followings

  • Introduction to Python: Here you will be given a brief overview of this programming language and will be shown how to install it
  • Python Basics: The basic aspects of Python would be dealt with in this particular section which includes statements, comments, identifiers, and others
  • Data Types and Variables: Here you will be offered a comprehensive training on different types of variable and data types
  • Loops and Decision Making: In this section, you will be trained on Syntax and Control Flow along with other aspects
  • Functions: Here the emphasis will be on function arguments, built-in functions and others

Apart from these, there are various other sections which are included in the course. It offers a comprehensive knowledge of Python