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Advance Java Training

Advance Java Training
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Learn and experience perfect skills of Basic and Advanced JAVA Technology 

Rexton IT Solutions provide two major trainings on Java, namely Java Basics/Core training and Advance Java training. One of the best training institutes for technology training based on different methodologies, Rexton IT Solutions gives an excellent opportunity for students to get better performance and great learning. Providing hands on experience to trainees, the center also involves professional, corporate, live project training and industrial training. With state-of-the-art facilities and astounding infrastructure, it provides a friendly atmosphere for students to learn. Our best trainers coach students to make them fully aware of the latest technologies and advancements in the field of Java. We also assure that students get completely acquainted with the basics and core of Java enabling them to solve any issue at ease. We provide a step by step guidance to each and every trainee and this makes us the best training provider in IT. Beginners can start with our courses in Java training and successfully welcome themselves in the programming world. Being the most popular programming language, Java involves coding and we at Rexton IT Solutions give ample of opportunity for students to learn and practice coding. This enables trainees to enhance their career growth and makes them more flexible towards technology.


Course Content

Advanced java Training Course Content


  • Introduction to JDBC  
  • Exploring Step by Step to use JDBC in Java application
  • Exploring JDBC driver types
  • Exploring Type of JDBC Statements
  • Exploring Statements
  • Exploring Prepared Statements, Callable Statements
  • Exploring Batch update, Resultset
  • Exploring Meta Data
  • Exploring Connection pooling
  • Exploring RowSet and Rowset types
  • Exploring Transaction, Isolation
  • Steps to install JBoss in window machine
  • Steps to start the JBoss server   



  • Types of Applications
  • Need for Web Applications
  • Developing first Servlet Example
  • Exploring Various From elements usage
  • Type of Parameter
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • Servlet modes
  • Exploring HttpServlet Request, HttpServlet Response
  • Exploring Request dispatcher
  • Exploring Http Methods
  • Exploring ServletAPI
  • Session Management, Servlet  Scopes
  • Servlet Attributes, Servlet Filters
  • Listeners
  • MVC Architecture
  • Front controller Design Pattern
  • Interception Filters



  • Introduction to JSP
  • JSP life cycle
  • Servlet VS JSP
  • JSP Implicit objects
  • JSP Scripting Elements
  • JSP Directives, JSP Scopes
  • JSP Standard Actions
  • EL Expressions
  • Custom Tag Development   
  • JSP Attributes





  • Introduction to Struts 1 Frame works
  • Step by step Instruction for developing first Struts Example
  • Struts Processing Flow
  • Performing Validations on input data
  • Handling Action Errors in Action Class
  • Handling Exception thrown By Action Class
  • Struts Layer  
  • Struts Validations
  • Form Beans
  • Struts Tag Library
  • Struts 1 Actions     
  • TilesFrame works
  • Web container Security
  • Struts+DAO+JDBC Example



  • Introduction to Struts 2 Frame works
  • Step by step Instruction to develop Struts 2 Example using XML approach
  • Step by step Instruction to develop Struts 2 Example using Annotations approach
  • Struts 2 Architecture
  • Main components of Struts 2
  • Struts 2 Request processing Flow
  • Struts 2 Action
  • Exploring Action context
  • Exploring Value Stack
  • Exploring OGNL
  • Exploring Struts 2 Interceptors
  • Using Message Bundles in Struts 2
  • File upload Example
  • Struts 2 validations
  • Struts 2-Tiles Integration
  • Struts 2-DAO-JDBC



  • Introduction to JSF
  • Step by step Instruction to develop First JSF 1.2 Example
  • Step by step Instruction to develop First JSF 1.0 Example
  • Exploring Faces Context
  • Exploring External Context
  • JSF Request Processing Flow
  • JSF Main elements
  • Navigation System 
  • Validators of JSF
  • Convertors of JSF         
  • Exploring JSF UI Components
  • Events and Listeners
  • Using Message Bundle in JSF
  • JSF-Tiles Integration
  • JSF-DAO-JDBC-Example
  • Exploring Rich Faces



  • Introduction to Hibernate
  • Step by step Instruction to develop Hibernate Core Example
  • Step by step Instruction to develop Hibernate Annotations  Example
  • Hibernate Features
  • DAO + Hibernate (CURD )operation)
  • Hibernate Mapping Types
  • Working With Primary Keys 
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Connection Management
  • Transaction Management                                
  • Hibernate Query Language
  • Hibernate Cache
  • Hibernate Filters



  • Introduction to Spring
  • Spring IOC
  • Spring AOP                                                                 
  • Spring Data Access
  • Spring Transaction Management
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring web
  • Spring Expression Language
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Integrations
  • JPA Mapping types
  • JPA-Query Language
  • EJB Container Services
  • J2EE Design Patterns



We have designed this module in a Goal oriented way that recommends trainees to practice the code assignments given after each tutorial. We cover Basic and advance Java training that allows students understand simple and practical approaches of the Java programming language.
Java, known as high level programming language, runs on varied platforms including Mac OS, Windows and other versions of UNIX.  Trainees will be able to learn methodologies to install Java on smart devices and also finally develop Java applications. Knowing and learning these techniques, students can increase their creativity levels and make him/her visible in the marketplace. We provide different course tracks depending upon number of days of course execution such as 45 days, 30 days and 20 days courses named as regular track, fast track and super fast track respectively.


Course Track
Regular Track Fast Track Super Fast Track
45 Days 30 Days 20 Days




Whether you are a beginner, a student looking for skills enhancement, or a professional, Rexton IT Solutions gives opportunity for all. It provides a superlative platform to learn a dynamic language like JAVA for everyone. Following are some benefits of our JAVA training:

  • High quality training via certified Java trainers & instructors.
  • 24*7 lab operation to practice coding and programming
  • Step by step instruction to every individual
  • Hands on experience imparting practical knowledge to trainees
  • Make students confident in Java technology and skills
  • Enable them to give tough competition to outside world


What's Included

REXTON Includes Course Materials for Trainees-
  • Course Handbook
  • Examination vouchers
  • 24X7 LAB access
  • Course completion certificate by REXTON IT Solutions.


Participant Prerequisites:-
This Java Training requires that Professionals & Students meet the following prerequisites:-
  • Candidates must have basic knowledge of computer, and should be able to start a command line shell.
  • Basic knowledge of C,C++, Core Java

If you already know C++ or any other Object-Oriented language, Java be easy to pick up.


Course Detail
Exam Course Content
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